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How to be a Birthday Party DJ for all age Groups

One of the challenges of being a Birthday Party DJ is that you are often playing to a crowd which includes an age range as varied as 0-90. Weddings and mixed age groups events being a prime example. Here are some quick tips on how to keep the whole room happy.

Interact with the Kids

I use the early part of the evening to make friends with the children and play some of their favourites. Evidentially, the adults appreciate the break too! This is a great opportunity for toddlers to be involved and burn off some energy.

Keep it Varied

I’d advise changing genres every 15 to 20 minutes during the first couple of hours. This ensures that everyone should hear something they like. Also that no one will be sitting with a plateful of buffet rolling their eyes.

Good Birthday Party DJs Don’t Panic

You can’t please everyone. Appease the drunk complainers with a smile and concentrate on the bulk of the audience who are sure to be dancing. Also, try and check in with the host a couple of times during the party to ensure you are on track.

Know Your Music

There are certain songs which transcend the generations. Play plenty of these towards the end of the evening, and most people will be sure to leave happy. Mr Brightside, Don’t Stop Me Now and Sweet Caroline are a few examples of big party tunes that appeal to the majority of age groups.

Accept Requests

A Birthday Party DJ is by and large inflexible when it comes to a set. As an event DJ, you must have a more accommodating attitude and understand that your are going to be asked for various song throughout the evening. If the song request doesn’t fit with what is currently being played, it can be noted down and played as soon as possible at another point in the night. It’s also important to relay that to the requester.

All events are different. Some people want to sit and chat for most of the evening, and some want to dance all night long. Act accordingly. Stick to what you know works for the main part, but also be prepared to read the crowd and act accordingly. Preparation is key and prior discussions with the host will help any party go swimmingly.

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