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How I Avoided a Mobile DJ Disaster

How it Began

This past Saturday night was particularly eventful. I was booked to play at a 40th Anniversary party at Sidcup Working Men’s Social Club. The client had been in touch a few times prior to the event and sent me a rough playlist the middle of last week. On my arrival, the car park was packed and I could see quite the light show coming from the function room. I walked in to find what can only be described as a Mobile DJ Disaster – another DJ already set up. There were also people sitting at tables who looked to me like they’d be there all day. I asked around, but no one seemed to know of the gentleman who had booked me.

I couldn’t get the client on the phone at this stage, so worked on the assumption that I’d been given the incorrect social club address, as there are two relatively close to each other in Sidcup. Off I headed to Oxford Road. Pop my head in there only to discover a number of banners wishing Dennis well on his birthday. En-route back to Main Road, I managed to get through to the client. Simon assured me that he’d booked the venue next to the Range Rover garage, and that he’d be arriving shortly to sort everything out. I thought this was a good time for me to relax in the bar with a Peroni, and see if the staff might be able to shed any light on the situation.


The Problem

It soon became apparent that there had been a mix up, and the venue had double booked. Understandably, Simon and his partner were just short of furious. Around 150 guests and a burger van about to arrive at someone else’s wedding reception. The management contacted various other clubs to try and arrange an alternative, only to be told that they were either already booked up, or didn’t have the staff available. The solution seemed simple to me – still have the event at the same venue, just use the main bar rather than the function room.


Mobile DJ Disaster Avoided

I made the suggestion and although not all parties were immediately on board, everyone eventually agreed it was the sensible option. I quickly got everything out the Jeep and set up. Guests weren’t due until 7:30pm so I still had around 30mins to play with. My anal time keeping once again paying off! This probably wasn’t the best night to be debuting my new booth, and I had a bit of an issue with the size custom front board I’d had made last minute, but got there in the end.

In the end, the party was a huge success. The client was over the moon with how the night went, and I was asked for my contact details by the venue, the DJ playing next door and two guests who had upcoming events. It turned out that the ambience of the bar was far better than that of the function room. Less tables and chairs and a slightly more night club layout meant people felt more at ease when it came to dancing. Things do generally work out in the end!

Check out our Mobile DJ Gallery for pictures from Saturday. There are also a couple of videos over on Facebook

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