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Top Five Reasons to Hire a Professional DJ

If you have an upcoming birthday, wedding or similar event planned, you may be deciding whether or not you need a pro DJ to be present. If you have a Spotify subscription and a portable speaker, it could be tempting to just plug in and press play! This might well work for some people, but here’s five reasons why it’s likely more prudent to hire a professional DJ.

Pro Grade Audio Equipment

Your Bluetooth speaker may well sound amazing in your own home, but it could be a very different story in even a small to mid-sized party venue. The noise from guests will quickly drown out any portable device, and this will be particularly apparent if the speaker is not elevated on a stand. Having professional-grade loudspeakers at your disposal will make a world of difference. The sound will carry and give the required clarity and dynamics to keep your party rocking rather than whimpering along!


There’s no substitute for the experience and level of service you will receive from any professional DJ worth his salt. The DJ you hire will be set up and ready for action before any guest arrive, then set the tone and enhance the atmosphere for the duration. You can rely on his or her judgement to switch the mood when required, and potentially take on a master of ceremonies role if you so wish.

Hire a Professional DJ with Lighting

My personal experience has taught me that guests rarely enjoy dancing via bright light bulbs, or the awful fluorescent tubes you often find in older function rooms and the like. Hiring decent event lighting, whether that be an extravagant laser display or just simple uplighting, will cost almost as much as a DJ. If you are planning on splashing out on lighting, booking a DJ who already has this at his or her disposal is a no-brainer.

Music Library and Mixing

A homemade Spotify playlist or two is no substitute for a live DJ. No computer or app is able to mix the tracks the way a DJ can. If the crowd isn’t feeling your playlist, there is no easy way to switch things up. An Event DJ can keep their eyes on the dance floor at all times and will know when a change of song or style is necessary. They will also know which tracks work well together, and the best way to keep people dancing.

You Can Relax

Do you really want to be messing about trying to stay on top of the music at a party where you should be enjoying yourself? A birthday is bad enough, but your own wedding is just insane! I realise a number of people have a budget to work within, but a DJ doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you factor in the full service and everything you get for your money rather than thinking of them as just a button presser, hiring a professional DJ makes sense more often than not.

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